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 Tainan, a cultural capital in Taiwan, is known for its significant art culture. Tainan’s art masters, for instance, Liao Chi-Chun, Kuo Po-Chuan, and Yen Shui-Long, etc; also played an important role in the history of Taiwan art, and contemporary artists active in Taiwan’s art field, too. But there is no art museum both national level and local cultural characteristics located in Tainan. For exhibit and preserve Tainan’s art heritages and masterpieces, arrange Tainan’s abundant art resources systematically, develop talented artists and as citizens’ learning and school educating place, we build up an art museum.


 Tainan is proud of it ancient cultural heritages, there are many aged but delicate houses left around the old street, and also the big amount of folk traditions, the quality and quantity are both highest in Taiwan. Ancient Tainan City had apparently difference local characteristic than the other city. How to search and preserve Tainan’s own regional atmosphere and characteristic, and create innovation for rebuilding city’s vitality is the core and hope of developing Tainan’s future cultural movement.

 However, Tainan have lacked a professional art museum for researching, exhibiting and collecting for a long time and it have been a regrets in citizens and art field’s mind, luckily from civil to Tainan City Government, all pay attention to set art museum in motion, and has it entered the preparatory stage. Tainan City Government choose the Former Tainan Police Department (including surrounding offices), the city designate historic monument, and Public Parking lot 11 in the Confucius Temple Cultural Zone, West Central Dist as the site to be of Tainan Museum of Fine Arts.

 Establishing an art museum is not only stand for a nation’s culture standard but become an impetus of city development. Thus, by establishing an art museum, we hope we can gather all forces to think Tainan Museum of Fine Arts and urban development’s dependencies and links, exploring a city to the future of art museum’s planning vision, and the linking of art museum and urban life, and how it affects the city.

  • The Location: The Former Tainan Police Department, City designate historic monument and Public Parking lot 11, construction is expected to total floor area of ​​26,400 square meters.
  • The Budget: About NT $ 1.9 billion
  • Scheduled Completion Time: July 2018.
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