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Tainan Art Museum (TAM) is the first art museum that was founded by an independent administrative institution in Taiwan. It is situated in the Central-West District of Tainan City, where has the highest-density of first-class historic sites, and an abundance of a gifted culture. As a result of the long-term efforts from local artists, TAM will open to the public in 2018. The main missions for TAM are to promote and support native artists in Tainan, to imprint a stand onto the modern and contemporary art history of Taiwan, and to link Taiwan and Asia culture and art by combining Tainan cultural features and aesthetic elements. TAM is in the community which possesses the most productive arts, the greatest aggregation of humanities and cultures, and the most famous scenic spots. Those spots include Tainan’s Confucian Temple, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, and the Hayashi Department Store; as well as many historic schools, such as Chongyi Elementary School and Jiansing Junior High School.




The collection policy of TAM is to preserve prominent art works both domestic and global. The main goals of preservation will concentrate on cultural heritage, exhibition, research and promotion of education. It will also concentrate on collecting and preserving artworks from artists who have significant influence and achievement in domestic and global art development. The priority collection will be the artworks of modern artists from Tainan. In additional, TAM will build an all-dimension database which will feature the development of art in Tainan. TAM also will collect outstanding artworks from both domestic and International locales to fulfill the development of Taiwanese arts. Currently, collections of TAM are being acquired by purchase, by donation, or transfer from government institutions.


Mapping Venues

l Galleries

TAM consists of Building 1 and Building 2. Building 1 is about 1024 m2, comprised by 16 galleries. Building 2 is approximately 2960 m2 which includes 17 galleries. Some of galleries have been designed with energy efficiency, which can utilize natural sunlight for exhibitions.

l Multi-functional Theater

The Multi-functional Theater has a total of 339 seats, which offer space for a wide range of purposes from performance arts to various meetings, lectures, forums, seminars…etc.

l Children's Art Center

Children's Art Center provides an exclusive space for children, the design of venue is specific for Children art event, activity, education and learning.

l Artist Exclusive Gallery

The Artist Exclusive Gallery displays the artworks of an artist who contributes to both local and national arts.

l Collection

Building 1 and 2 both contain collection rooms, fully facilitated with the strict control in temperature and humidity in order to create a stable environment for all of the collections.

l Restoration

The space allows conservators to proceed with the conservation and restoration within the museum.



TAM consists of two major Buildings. The architectural design harmonizes elements of both historical and modern to demonstrate the texture of a profound history and culture of Tainan, by presenting the new concept of modern, green architecture and straighten environmentally-friendly design which adapts to the environment. The two buildings each represent a different era, recording the character of architectural craft which stems from that era, showcasing the present, and illustrating the different architectural aesthetics from a previous era.

Building 1 is situated in the intersection of Nanmen Rd. and Youai St., the building was completed in 1931 (the 6th year of Shōwa era). The building's predecessor was the Tainan Police Department during Japanese rule, and later renamed as Tainan City Police Department after World War II. The architect of Building 1 was Sutejiro Umezawa, who was also the architect for the first department store in Taiwan-Hayashi Department.

Building 2 is located at the intersection of Chongyi Rd. and Youai St., co-built by Shi Zhao Yong and Shigeru Ban, Architects from Japan; this is the first building in Taiwan, which is designed and planned by the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The design concept of building 2 is inspired by the Delonix regia blossom; the pentagonal exterior symbolizes the building as a culture landmark in Tainan; vertically crossed and overlapped exhibition spaces, combined with large fractal roof constitute the main exterior of Building 2 of TAM.




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